Twilight of Lanar’ya Now Available!

Twilight of Lanar'ya Now Available!

After so many years of writing things that would have been awesome had they only seen the light of day (other writers will know what I mean), it is with great pride and excitement that I announce that Twilight of Lanar’ya is now on sale at CreateSpace and in paperback or at Smashwords in eBook format! It will be available in the Amazon Kindle store within the next 24 hours. Edit: Now available for Kindle here.

If you are ordering the paperback edition, I do prefer that you go through CreateSpace for that as I do get a larger royalty payment from them than from Amazon. Also, the reason for the $10 price on the paperback is that the manufacturing costs came up to $8.00 USD. Otherwise, it would be selling for $5.00 USD if I could swing it.

I will post about the various adventures I’ve had actually getting this thing published later. For now, I’m going to go celebrate!

Thanks to everyone who has stood by me while I got this thing written and published. Thanks to my parents, my illustrators, Keary and John-Paul, to my beta readers, and to all my friends out there. I did it guys. I finally did it.

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  1. i no the competition is over but just have to leave a comemnt.I must admit i was i bit late starting to read the books. My friend introduced me to twilight two weeks ago and i read it at home wen my daughter was in bed. I loved it so much i couldnt put it down so the next day i went out bought all 4 books myself it took me a week to read all of the books. i agree with kate verrier and i think alot of stephanies meyers fans wud love it if stephanie did take the books further.

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