Twilight of Lanar’ya Now Available!

Twilight of Lanar'ya Now Available!
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After so many years of writing things that would have been awesome had they only seen the light of day (other writers will know what I mean), it is with great pride and excitement that I announce that Twilight of Lanar’ya is now on sale at CreateSpace and in paperback or at Smashwords in eBook format! It will be available in the Amazon Kindle store within the next 24 hours. Edit: Now available for Kindle here.

If you are ordering the paperback edition, I do prefer that you go through CreateSpace for that as I do get a larger royalty payment from them than from Amazon. Also, the reason for the $10 price on the paperback is that the manufacturing costs came up to $8.00 USD. Otherwise, it would be selling for $5.00 USD if I could swing it.

I will post about the various adventures I’ve had actually getting this thing published later. For now, I’m going to go celebrate!

Thanks to everyone who has stood by me while I got this thing written and published. Thanks to my parents, my illustrators, Keary and John-Paul, to my beta readers, and to all my friends out there. I did it guys. I finally did it.

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10 Responses to Twilight of Lanar’ya Now Available!

    • Hosain says:

      It’s really hard to tell oelhstny because there is a world-wise fan base for Twilight. It is being made by Summit Entertainment, and they have oelhstny had some bad movies flop in the past. It depends on how much the movie makes during the debut and the following weeks that it will be in theatres. The best way to find out in your area is to actually just go to a local theatre, and ask maybe a manager how long they plan on having it in their theatre. I know that I’m trying to reach out to all Twilight fans to get this point across: The more we all go and watch the movie (more then once or twice if possible) the more money it will make, the longer it stays in theatres. If the movie makes enough, then there will be hope for the other 3 to be made.

    • Leonidas says:

      PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS, IT MIGHT HELP!!I am in seventh grade, a 12 year old, and have read all of the Twilight books. In a way, it enpdeds on how mature the girl is. Books one and two (Twilight and New Moon) have nothing harmful in them, as far as I can see. Books three and four, (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) however, might not be appropriate. Book three is slightly violent, and book four does include a honeymoon and pregnancy. Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon, so there is no explicit details about Bella’s birth, though she does make it obvious what is happening. If you are still worried about her reading books three and four, I would suggest not giving her books one and two, because Stephenie is a such great author, and does amazing work, it is hard to stop once you start. You could also buy them and have her mother read and approve of them before giving them to your niece. Overall, I would defiantly suggest getting the books for her. The saga is an amazing read that takes you into another world. It’s a quick read, too, and defiantly enjoyable. Hope this helped! Good luck on your decision, and I hope she will have a great birthday! ♥Rosie

    • Eric says:

      my best friend ogubht Twilight for me for my birthday, i was instantly hooked and read it in 3 days, i then had to go to waterstones to track down more, i read New Moon and Eclipse just as quickly, but had a very frustrating wait for the release of Breaking Dawn, the day of release i rushed into town to pick up my pre-ordered copy, i’m ashamed to say that my kids were allowed to spend the rest of that day in front of the tv because i couldn’t wait any longer, what a bad mummy! i didn’t sleep for 2 nights because i just could not put it down. i would love to see Midnight Sun in the shops, i can’t get enough of this amazing love story.

    • Rabia says:

      After leaving urtsenviiy over a decade ago I stopped reading and would just read magazines. I got hooked on Twilight last year, I saw Twilight the film first and went out and brought all the books on the same day. I just could not put them down. I can honestly say that when I was not reading my books, I wished that I was. I went on holiday to India and I was reading my books in rikshaws, temples and even at the Taj Mahal. My parents, cousins and even the hotel staff where we were staying kept on commenting what’s in those books that your so hooked?I even ditched my family on a shopping trip, I told them that we had to go to a particular mall that had a cinema inside and told them that I wanted to shop alone and would see them in a few hours. I left them shopping and I went to the cinema to watch New Moon. To my delight it was not in english but in hindi. All I can say is thank god for my parents making me watch bollywood films as a child. I had to lie because my family would of not let me watch the film alone being in a strange country and although I understand hindi I cannot speak it fluently. I guess the Twihard in me has made me take risks and I still have not told my family about my little adventure. Stephenie Meyer has me hook line and sinker and despite reading all the books at least ten times I still reading them over and over again. But I have to admit that because of Twilight, I have fallen in love with reading and have started reading other authors as well.

  • Siso says:

    i no the competition is over but just have to leave a comemnt.I must admit i was i bit late starting to read the books. My friend introduced me to twilight two weeks ago and i read it at home wen my daughter was in bed. I loved it so much i couldnt put it down so the next day i went out bought all 4 books myself it took me a week to read all of the books. i agree with kate verrier and i think alot of stephanies meyers fans wud love it if stephanie did take the books further.

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