New Story: Fanfic Friday — Star Trek Voyager: Inosculation!

New Story: Fanfic Friday -- Star Trek Voyager: Inosculation!

So, we all have our guilty little pleasures, right? Sometimes we get stumped on our stories and we just need to write something and, well, we’ve all had that one television show we binge-watched on Netflix that had a few minor characters on it that we wished got more screen time and development because they were interesting. That’s why sites like An Archive of Our Own and exist (and why I have accounts there). At any rate, without further ado — announcing a new story for all my fellow Trekkies out there: Inosculation. Set in the Star Trek Voyager universe, it introduces a few new faces and gives some other faces more air time and development because G.K. loves Star Trek, Voyager had potential but got railroaded and shafted, and… well, yeah, okay, Vorik deserved better than what was done to him and the actor that portrayed him did as well. Same with Mortimer Harren and several others who only showed up once or when there was a blue moon.

So, go on and get your read on!

— G.K.

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