Stormcrows Naxx 25 PuGs and Loot Drama

I’m one of my guild’s raid leaders. Okay, actually, I’m the one who generally has to organize the 25 man pugs we run in Naxx on Saturdays and Sundays. I enjoy doing it but it is a lot of work. Yesterday, we had these two morons in our group who acted as if the dungeon were going to disappear after the run and they’d never get their lewts.

Fastest way to get on my nerves? Loot drama.

I run the pugs because I enjoy giving people who might not get a chance to see the 25 mans a chance to get in there. I’m there to have fun and see the encounters. Getting nice gear is a bonus but it’s not the primary goal. I cannot stand people who come on these runs and ruin it for everyone by trying to get every last piece of gear for themselves. That’s not fair to the others who come. That’s why we have a rule: one need roll per raid. If you’ve won something and someone else wants something you’re rolling for afterwards, it might go to the other person if they’ve not won anything. The goal is to let everyone get a chance to walk out of the run with a good drop. The goal is NOT to gear up one or two characters in full 25 man gear in one go.

The end result of yesterday’s drama was two names added to our “never invite” list. That list has several names on it now. Those people will not be coming on anymore of our runs. And, since our runs are getting to be fairly well-known, it’s just going to work against them in the long run.

Ah well. Just needed to vent about that for a bit. Now time to grab some lunch before I have to log on and put together today’s run.

The Battle for Undercity Posted

I posted the latest update to Alayne’s Story over on the WoW-Europe Role-Playing forum. This update covers the last part of the Battle for Undercity quest. This is one of the turning points in both the story and the game. That’s all I’m going to say. 🙂 Check back Monday for another update showing how the battle affected the characters.

In other words, Ulduar is still hard. My guild just spent the entire evening wiping on Kologarn. The RNG was not on our side tonight. Healers kept getting beamed and gripped. I was lagging a good bit and would get two or more stacks of the debuff and couldn’t call out for a taunt so I would keel over. We’ll be doing Naxx 10 tomorrow night to relax, do something easier, and get one of our healers some much-needed upgrades.

Well, off to do some work on Alayne’s Story and The Unexiled.

Update Later Today

Normally I post the updates to Alayne’s Story during my lunch break. However, today, I was swamped with work and did not get a chance to post it then. I will be posting it tonight before I head into Ulduar (yay!) So, if you’re looking for it, it’ll be up late this afternoon/early evening.

Latest Update Ready

Whew. I met my weekly goal a day early for Alayne’s Story. I try to target 10 pages a week if I can and I’ve managed to pull that off this week. I’ll be posting the next bit on the WoW-Europe forums tomorrow and will get cracking on next week’s update as well. However, I’m raiding a lot this weekend and may not meet my 10 page goal.

10 pages may not sound like much to you, but when you’re doing that + working full-time + trying to add at least 5 pages to an original novel + raiding, it’s a lot.

Ah well. At least I can go curl up with “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King” before I go to bed. That book is turning out to be pretty good. But then, most things by Christie Golden are. I wish I had half her talent. She’s really a good writer.

Migraines suck

Yesterday, just as I was getting ready to leave work for home, the pressure dropped. That cued an all-night-long-no-holds-barred-let’s-torture-this-woman migraine. Migraines, for those who don’t know, suck. I wound up not being able to go to Ulduar last night because all I could do was think about how much my head hurt. I was asleep by 8:30 pm, praying that when I woke up this morning, the pain would be gone.

So, 7 am this morning and a glass of aspirin down and I’m considering filing a report on God for being a lazy sod. 😛

At least it’s gone now. I just hope the weather stays calm and we don’t have any more violent drops in pressure like we had yesterday. I really hate spending my evening in bed with a cloth over my eyes contemplating whether or not I really need my skull. I’d much rather be writing or raiding or reading my new “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King” which arrived yesterday! I’ll post a review once I’ve finished devouring this book.

Latest Update Posted

I’ve just posted the first of this week’s updates to Alayne’s Story over on the WoW-Europe Role-Playing forum. Now to get cracking on The Unexiled this evening and to try to get another five pages added to Alayne’s Story this week. This update starts the Battle for Undercity and is a part I’ve really enjoyed writing.

Now if only I could find time to go back and do the edits/rewrites to Parts I and II I want to do. 🙁 Gief 48 hour day already!

Oh yeah…

It’s Mother’s Day today in the States. I just called my mom to tell her Happy Mother’s Day. Yesterday, she got the flowers my husband and I sent to her. She and my dad are going up to the lake to do some skiing, jet-skiing, and swimming. I’m really looking forward to going over there this summer and visiting them (not to mention getting to fish, ski, and swim in the pond myself).

Ulduar Is Hard

My guild has been doing Ulduar ever since it came out and…it’s hard. Last night, we spent the entire night wiping on the Iron Council and couldn’t even get Elder Stonebark down for Freya. We’re doing pretty good, though. We can clear Flame Leviathan, XT, Razorscale, Kologarn, and Aurianya with minimal problems. Right now, we’re just hung up on the Council and Ignis. We did have an attempt on the Council where we got Steelbreaker and Molgeim down but wiped with 42% left on Brundir.

Hopefully we’ll get them down next reset. It’d be nice to see those bosses dead. 🙂 I really wouldn’t mind getting a good crack at one of the Keepers. I wants my toga!


Welcome to my shiny new website. 🙂 I’m hoping to actually keep this one up-to-date and to provide news on Alayne’s Story and The Unexiled more often than I have been. The forums are still there and the registration between this blog and the forums is separate. I suppose there is a way to link the two but as I have a full-time job, am an active raider in my WoW guild (maintankadin ftw), and spend my free time writing or playing Guitar Hero, I simply do not have the time, skill, or energy to combine the forums and the blog. So, if you want to post on the forums, you’ll have to register there.

The progress bars on the upper-left will tell you how far along I think I am when it comes to the weekly updates on Alayne’s Story or how far I am in general on The Unexiled. I will not be posting The Unexiled on the Internet as I do have vague hopes of actually publishing it. Since publishers tend to dislike competition with things that are free, I’m afraid it won’t be available for free on the ‘Net. However, I am looking for readers to proofread and provide feedback on it so I can improve it as much as possible before I send it off so, if you’re interested in doing that, drop me an email at alayne AT magisters-terrace DOT com.

Also, I will be posting reviews of Warcraft books I’ve read, talking about my guild, my thoughts on things in WoW, and just general stuff that’s going on in my life. You may eventually find a lot more than just my stories here. At least, that’s the current plan for me. 🙂 Who knows?

Anyhow, that’s enough for right now. Welcome to my website and thanks for reading!