Stormcrows vs Paris (Day 6)

Yesterday we went up to EuroDisney where we had a blast. 🙂 We grabbed lunch at one of the cafés and then immediately got on Space Mountain. That was fun. 🙂 Well, it was just me, Nishi, and Crit who rode it (Grog and Jemu were playing “chicken shit”). In all, we rode Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain (Jemu sat out), the Temple of Doom (just me and Nishi), rode through the Haunted House (all of us), saw the Armageddon Special Effects set (it sucked), rode the tram around the backlot area (all of us), and went on the Aerosmith ride (just me and Nishi; it was nuts).

Nishi kept eyeing the Tower of Terror but I told him he would need to supply copious amounts of booze to get me to go on that thing. I know my limits. Put me on a roller coaster, toss me upside down, take me on corkscrew and hairpin turns: fine. Put me in an elevator and drop me? I’m gonna lose it.

We got several pictures, some nice souvenirs, and some very tired feet and legs. Today, we’re probably just going to hang around my place. I’ve got to see if the owner meant “Friday” when she said she would come by on Thursday. Not to mention: I am a tired little belf.

Pictures here:

Stormcrows vs Paris (Day 5)

Yesterday, we planned to hit Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Montparnasse Tower. However, we only managed to get to the top of Notre Dame. The top of the Eiffel Tower was closed due to wind and we didn’t really want to go up the Montparnasse Tower. So, instead, we visited the Tomb of Napoleon and went to the Ancient Arms and Armors museum next to it (we’re all a bunch of medievalists at heart).

We saw Ger’alin. On Lucky. Yes, we have screenshot.

Napoleon’s Tomb is one of the more interesting but less-visited places in Paris. It wasn’t crowded there at all. Napoleon styled himself after the Caesars and you can see the Roman influence in his tomb.

Anyhow, today is Disney Day! Groggy and Crit should be over soon and we’ll be heading over to see da Mouse!

Pictures here:

Stormcrows vs Paris (Day 4)

Yesterday we went over to Versailles to see the palace there.

Man, it was good to be da King.

That place is huge. And beautiful. We walked all through it. The Hall of Mirrors is really nice. I’m a writer and I’m at a loss for words to describe it. We took loads of pictures (soon to be uploaded). We also swung by and saw Nishi and Jemuya and got a photo of all five of us together.

Today, we’re back off to Notre Dame to go up the towers and back to the Eiffel Tower to go to the top of it. Should our energy permit, we’ll go up the Montparnasse Tower as well. And tomorrow is Disney Day!

Pictures here:

Stormcrows vs Paris (Day 3)

Yesterday we went to the Lourve.

I’ll pause for a minute to let that sink in.

The Lourve is big. By big I mean massive. By massive I mean gi-fricking-normous. By gi…you get the idea. Much walking was done. Our legs and feet were still sore and tired from the Day of Stairs so we managed to stumble through the Lourve, stagger outside, and sit down going “boy, my feet hurt.” We did get to see the Mona Lisa and I now have a costume idea if only I can find some thin, supple leather and learn how to press designs into it. For those of you of the more perverted bent (ie: most of you), get your minds out of the gutter. 😛 I’m going to try to make a Roman-style warrior costume patterned after the painting “Minerva.”

One cool thing about going to the Lourve was getting to ramble on about Greco-Roman mythology. Hey, I spent four years getting a degree in history and a minor in Classical languages. I spent an entire year in high school translating Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I have earned the right to brag about my knowledge of such things.

Today we’ll be heading over to Versailles. Pictures from yesterday and today here:

Update Coming Friday

With Grog and Crit being down, I’ve not gotten as much chance to clear up the backlog as I wanted. I’ll be making the next update to Alayne’s Story on Friday and I’ll try to spend more time on it Saturday and Sunday to get caught back up to the point of where two five-page postings a week won’t cause me a problem.

Stormcrows vs Paris (Day 2)

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with stairs. My legs still hurt. 😉 We decided to go see Sacre Coeur over in Montmarte.

There are a lot of stairs to get up there.

After that, we headed over to the Arc de Triomphe and proceeded to go up to the top of it. 284 stairs. By the time we got down, we were all pretty worn out. We walked down the Champs d’Elysses and got some drinks, sat for a while until our legs weren’t shaky, and then came back to Bourg la Reine for supper. After supper (and washing up) we headed back into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower at night. We decided not to climb the stairs there and came back home (well, it was creeping up close to midnight, too). 😉

Pictures here:

Stormcrows vs Paris (Day 1)

Grog and Crit arrived today. I went to pick them up from Gare du Nord. I actually made it to the Thalys line before the train got there so we missed the fun of playing telephone tag trying to find each other. We came back to Bourg la Reine and got them settled in to their hotel before heading back to my place for lunch. I knew, even though they had lunch on the train, that they were going to be hungry again when the smell of macaroni and cheese and roast beef hit them so I made plenty for everyone.

After lunch, we went into Paris and did a bit of sight-seeing. We went to the Luxembourg Gardens first. They really seemed to like it there. I showed them the Fountaine de Medicis where I used to read and feed the ducks. We looked at the statues of the queens of France and saw all the pretty flowers. We sat there for a while, just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. We’re definitely going to go back there and have a little picnic lunch. I’m hoping my husband can join us. After that, we walked down Boulevard Saint-Michel to Notre Dame. We stopped and saw the fountain at the place de Saint-Michel and then crossed over the quai to the church. There was a mass in session when we got there so we had the fun of seeing the processional start. 🙂 We went into the Treasury and saw all the cool stuff back there and walked all through the church. We wanted to go up to the top but by the time we were done, they had closed that off for the day. We’ll go back another day and see it.

We sat outside for a bit, our feet all hurting from all the walking we’d done. We came back home, picked up my husband, and went out to this great Morrocan resturant nearby. After we stuffed ourselves on food, I took them back to their hotel. Tomorrow, they’ll come over again and we’ll hang out for a bit before deciding what we want to go see. We’ll probably try to go to the towers of Notre Dame if we can and may go see the Eiffel Tower in the evening when it’s all lit up. I think we’ll hit the Arc de Triomphe as well and walk down the Champs d’Elysee and the Champs Mars.

Pictures coming soon. 🙂 It’s so cool to have my guildies here!

Edit: You can find the pictures here:

Latest Update Posted

I’ve just posted the latest update to Alayne’s Story over on the WoW-Europe RP forum. I’ve been slacking a bit in my writing lately having to juggle too many projects (poor time management skills on my part, really). I’m only 20 pages ahead of where I’m posting. I’ve got next week off but Grog and Critic are coming down from the Netherlands to visit me so it may be a fair bit of work for me to get back on target. Starting next week, my weekly page count added will be 15 pages instead of 5. I’m a little ahead already this week and am hoping I’ll have the energy to crank out three pages tonight after the Ulduar run.

At any rate, I hope everyone’s enjoying the updates. I had a hard time re-outlining things to take into account events playing out in Wrath of the Lich King that I wasn’t aware of until the latest patch. At least it gives me more material to work with. 🙂 I had been afraid that Part III would wind up being much shorter than it’s currently arced to be.

Work on The Unexiled continues apace. Jesus, I almost wish I could quit my real job and just write all the time. I enjoy it so much but I feel like I have so little time to do it lately. Any rich readers out there who could afford to pay me €30,000 a year just to sit at home and write? 😉 Kidding, but man…a girl can dream, can’t she?


My guild just finished our first Ulduar run this week. We got Flame Leviathan, XT, Razorscale, Kologarn, and Aurianya down. We gave up on Iron Council and will start with them on Friday. This is the first time we’ve been able to get so far into Ulduar on the first night. Here’s to hoping it’s merely the first of a trend. 🙂

Next week, there probably won’t be any Ulduar runs. Grognak and Critic are coming down here to visit me so the three of us are out. That leaves them short one maintank, one healer, and one DPS/tank. Aereli, another healer, is going out of town as well so they’re down two healers. The only other tank they could take, Aichylos, doesn’t have the gear for Ulduar yet. He’s switched from DPS to tanking and still needs upgrades from Naxx 10 for his tanking set. I’m hoping that enough people from the guild help him next week so that he can get Naxx 10 cleared and, if the RNG is kind, get some good upgrades.

We’re so close to having a second ten man group that I’m starting to get cautiously optimistic. If we can find two or three more dedicated raid healers, one more serious-not-an-asshole raid tank, we should have it. That’ll save us all a lot of headaches since right now, the biggest issues in our guild are people QQing about having to sit out Ulduar raids.

Ah well. Here’s to hoping. 🙂

Geralin the Diplomat

It took me a while but I finally finished the rep grinds for The Diplomat title. Since I’m bored with running heroic dungeons and we’re only raiding a few nights a week, I spend my days doing dailies and rep grinds. I’ve managed to get exalted with 29 factions (currently working on Consortium now). I’m debating going after “The Insane” title just because it describes me so well.

And, I’m finished with this week’s updates. 🙂 Yay! That means I can get some extra pages in for next week.