Midnight of Lanar’ya

For three thousand years, the Knights of Lanar’ya have guarded the Lanarian Empire against dangers both internal and external. For three thousand years, they have fought to push the dreaded Night-Souled back, hoping to drive them into the Northern Sea. For three thousand years, they have given their lives, their fortunes, and their honor to protect their people. But now, a shadow is falling upon the Lanarian Empire.


After being appointed Commander of Centralis, Jarl Loriaska sets out on a mission to visit every corner of the troubled Empire. He learns of new potential allies in the fight to come and continually hears about a prophesied Destroyer who will either save the troubled southlands or plunge them into complete and utter destruction. Upon returning to Centralis, Jarl and his wife, Ann’le’anya, make several startling discoveries. Forced to flee for her life and to brave the dark Underwilds to rescue her love, Anna and Jarl soon find themselves forced to confront a friend who has become their most ancient enemy…


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Praise for Twilight of Lanar’ya

“[Twilight of Lanar’ya] is like a warm jumper in winter.” Denis Fitzpatrick, This Mirror in Me.

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